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A Special Thing..

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Every now and again a thing comes along that you just have to share with other people. I would most often be speaking about the Gospel when I am this glad about finding a thing, and this is marginally related. I have found a web site that I have to share with you all. This web site is a Christian Apologetics site and has a forum for discussions that is active and living with believers cut from various kinds of cloth. Please visit!

Crawling off the Altar

Oct 25th, 2008 Posted in Faith | no comment »
Stone Altar

Stone Altar

Under the ‘old law’, sacrifices were made to the Lord for many different reasons. Some were offerings of joy or thanks, some were sin offerings, and others commemorated feasts. The animal was slaughtered and placed on the altar and didn’t much have a choice. Israel made these sacrifices regularly, but there are numerous (scores) of accounts in the Old Testament where the Bible states that the people fell away from the Lord and no longer knew Him or what he had done for Israel (Judges 2:10, 2 Kings 17:6-20). It is clear that the sacrifice was not the only effective part of the transaction then, there was also a heart/mind component; the memory of the Lord and the willingness to follow His ways.

Today, we are told to give our bodies as ‘living sacrifices’ to our God (Romans 12:1). This brings several new dimensions to an ancient ritual. First, a live sacrifice can leave the altar. Second, a live sacrifice is personally involved in the transaction, living it and feeling it. Finally, a living sacrifice lasts longer than the old, dead sacrifice.

Let’s examine these dimensions as we look at what is happening in our post, post-modern culture.

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Many people leave a Christian faith or church body because they see that the other people that worship there have a life that is inconsistent with their spoken belief. In this post I’ll wrestle with the idea of “hypocrites” in the church and what effect that does (or should) have on the people in the church.

Before we begin I’d like to state that ANYONE who aspires to be something that they are not already, invites the label of “hypocrite”. If you state that you want to be one way, and set the bar there… ahead of where you are now, you are going to be a hypocrite somewhere along the line, religion or no. So, realize that the very accusation of “hypocrite” implies that you desire to be something more than you are, and desire for growth is good.

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