I Wouldn’t Dare Do That

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Image of Ron sleeping on the couchWould You?

I posed a hypothetical question to my son the other day, to his ever-growing amusement. I asked him, “RJ, what would happen if I told you to go upstairs and clean your room, and you disappeared and returned in 90 minutes and sat on the couch to read a book, without having cleaned it? What would I do if I asked you what was going on and you said that you memorized what I said, and then went back to reading”? My son, laughing now, said that I would likely think he was being a wise guy. I asked, “What if I told you to go clean it again, and you disappeared again, return in 30 minutes, and the room still wasn’t clean? This time when I ask about the room, you tell me that you’ve invited three friends over to have a Bible study – in the dirty room – to discuss what it might look like if you cleaned it”? RJ laughed and said, “I wouldn’t dare do that Dad”!

Wouldn’t dare indeed. Isn’t this what we often do with what God has told us? … Read the rest of this entry »

No Regrets

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This post is a paraphrase of a chat we had at the Men’s Breakfast this morning at Highland Wausau.

I know that by now many of you have heard that a large men’s conference will be simulcast here at Highland Community Church on the 5th of February, 2011. The name of the conference is “No Regrets” and has been held in Wisconsin – down near Milwaukee – since 1994. We’ve sent men to this powerful conference, and now we have the distinct honor to bring this life-changing event to north-central Wisconsin. To prepare our hearts and minds to host this conference, and to awaken in each of us a desire to serve Christ with other men, I’ve prepared this short talk on the background of the name, “No Regrets”. Read the rest of this entry »

Christian Leadership

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The content for this post comes from my notes on a talk given by Stuart Briscoe at a local Men’s Breakfast a couple of weeks ago.

What is “leadership”? Is it a skill? A quality? Is it innate? Can it be learned? If you can get people to follow you.. a lot of them, are you a leader? Hitler did that. Was he a good leader? I’d like to suggest that Christian leadership is a bit different than what we view leadership to be today, and then discuss why I believe that’s the case. Read the rest of this entry »

Seeing Things Dad’s Way

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Pic of boy with his arm in a slingA recent mishap resulted in my son appearing as he does in the picture to the right of this text. After this accident, he began to see a few things the way that I had seen them prior, and related them to him as a warning. Simple things (from my perspective) about mu sub k, mu sub s, rotational inertia, velocity, and the requirement to wear protective gear. How did my son learn his lesson? Well, he got hurt. Though he broke nothing, his wrist is severely sprained and he may have tendon damage in his hand. He says that he sees things my way now, but time will tell. Read the rest of this entry »

Do You Have What It Takes?

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Leonidas, William Wallace, and Clint Eastwood

I am a tireless proponent of strong, lion-hearted Christian men and my heart is roused in me when I hear, watch, or re-tell the stories from the pictures above. How then can I say that these representations of men are “not what it takes”?

While the men portrayed in the pictures above have characteristics that are precious today (because they are so rare), there is one aspect of our lives as Christians in which the approach that these men take to life will never work. Regardless their strength, their will, devotion to a cause, willingness to sacrifice all; there is one place where none of this will bring results… Read the rest of this entry »