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A “sexy” girl

Nov 22nd, 2010 Posted in Kids and Parenting, Men's Ministry, Wife | no comment »

picture of bristol palin and mark ballasNow, before you send me a raft of nasty emails, let me make a few things clear.

1. I do not typically watch Dancing With The Stars

2. I think the show objectifies both men and women – to some degree – and most of the outfits they wear should be illegal (and are, almost everywhere in the Middle East!)

3. I am taking no position on whether or not Bristol Palin can dance, whether or not she should ‘be there’ with Kurt Warner or Brandy gone, and in this note, I’m taking no comments on Bristol’s famous mother.

Here’s what really hacked me off on this show. First, Bristol has gotten snail mail with white powder, comments about her thighs, dancing like ‘an elephant on crack’, and death threats. DEATH THREATS!!! Seriously people, stop shooting your TV, put down the Marlboro and the coffee and go RELAX somewhere; it’s a SHOW. Second, Bristol, through one choice of her own and several by her mother, is destined to be stalked and to live in her mother’s shadow for life, and that’s sad. She’s a woman in her own right, a beautiful person, and has had to weather an incredible storm of hatred, brought on not by the show itself, but through a proxy battle of conservatives and liberals with all the vitriol you’d expect as a result. Finally, she’s on the show and she’s started to listen to the comments and read her own press; and it’s starting to hurt her heart. Today, during the comments after the second dance, she said something like, “..I know I needed come out and be a sexy girl, but I’m just not a sexy girl“.

WHAT!?!? This 20 year-old single mother is more woman than most women will ever be. She has lived to the limit of happiness and grief, she has endured, and she carries herself well; regardless the criticism. NO woman should be made to believe that she “isn’t sexy” by people with shriveled hearts, jaundiced eyes, and evil on their mind.

Men, I challenge you to treat your wives with respect, cherish them, and make them feel like queens. Make them feel “sexy”. For your daughters, please teach them what to demand from a man, teach them what godly attraction looks like, and PLEASE teach them that they are beautiful women; inside and out!

Seeing Things Dad’s Way

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Pic of boy with his arm in a slingA recent mishap resulted in my son appearing as he does in the picture to the right of this text. After this accident, he began to see a few things the way that I had seen them prior, and related them to him as a warning. Simple things (from my perspective) about mu sub k, mu sub s, rotational inertia, velocity, and the requirement to wear protective gear. How did my son learn his lesson? Well, he got hurt. Though he broke nothing, his wrist is severely sprained and he may have tendon damage in his hand. He says that he sees things my way now, but time will tell. Read the rest of this entry »

Men’s Breakfast – June 2010

Jun 5th, 2010 Posted in Kids and Parenting, Men's Ministry | no comment »

A transcript of the short talk at the Highland Men’s Breakfast today (Ron Orrick speaking)

I started several devotions for this morning’s breakfast; a Father’s Day chat, and Memorial Day recognition, a direct and forceful talk about a Christian man and his calling, but I have been led to the book of Ephesians for today’s conversation with you. First.. a personal story. I went in recently for a consult on ADHD. I wanted to try some new treatment options, and needed to undergo an assessment with a new doctor. I sat in the waiting room for 10 or 15 minutes, tapping my foot, reading magazines, pacing… until the assistant came and took me to a room with nothing on the floor, walls, or ceiling. The only thing in the room was a rather sturdy looking desk with a monitor and a keyboard. The assistant explained that letters would flash on the screen and I was to press a key each time this happened, except when the letter “X” flashed up on the screen. I began, and the letters came, fast and furious, then slower… then fast again. Here and there I skipped the “X” when I should, but as I got into a rhythm, I found that the “X” would flash, and I’d press the key… just because I had become used to pressing the key. Then, I became incensed at myself for hitting the “X”… so upset that I would mess up the next couple of keypresses. “A” – press, “I” – press, “N” – press, “K” – press, “X” – press… D’OH!!! It seems that this is much like our life as Christians… we naturally do what we repeat. 14 minutes of that seemed like an eternity, and I am glad I didn’t take a blood pressure test soon thereafter. Take a guy with ADHD and put him in a small room, make him do one boring thing, boy I tell you… I’ll bet they had a hidden camera somewhere! Let’s see how this idea of conditioned stimulus and response applies to Paul’s writings. Read the rest of this entry »

Who Do You Say That I Am?

Apr 27th, 2009 Posted in Faith, Family, Kids and Parenting, Men's Ministry | no comment »



In Matthew 16:15, after asking the rather oblique question, “Who do others say that I am?”, Christ asked the disciples, “Who do you say that I am”?

A recent Barna Group research study revealed that less than 9% of all adult Americans have a “biblical worldview”*. In addition, only 19% of “Born again Christians”** have a biblical worldview. Interestingly, these percentages have remained unchanged for almost 15 years.

Among young adults (the “Mosaic” generation, ages 18 to 23), the percentage of people with a biblical worldview is less than one-half of one percent, as compared to near 1 out of every nine older adults***.

What do numbers like these mean to Christians, to our nation, and to parents and youth? Click through to read more… Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Not About The Bunny!

Apr 10th, 2009 Posted in Faith, Kids and Parenting, Men's Ministry, Soteriology | no comment »


This message isn’t about whether or not you hide and search for eggs, or enjoy sweet treats on this holiday. Frankly, hiding things, searching for things, finding things, and tasting something sweet are all enjoyable things to do. My question is, “What are we focused on as we perform our activities on a daily basis, not only at Easter, but year round”?

Are you hiding something? From others, from God? What in our lives should we be bringing into the Light of Day, to be given to God and forsaken and forgiven? What should we be freed from that has a hold on us?

Are you searching for something that you haven’t yet found? Perhaps you attend a church, but you don’t yet feel like a member of the body of Christ? Perhaps you have walked with the Lord for many years, but you are struggling right now under the weight of this world and its attacks? Perhaps you are looking for a friend or companion to help and encourage you.

Have you found what you are looking for? Do you know that you have it, and that it will never leave? Are you assured that you have it, secure in that knowledge, and growing every day into His image?

If you are secure, walking in the Lord, growing with Him every day… are you taking JOY in the journey? Is there a song in your heart and on your lips? Can others not help but see the joy of the Lord shining through your eyes and in your life?

Too many times we are overtaken by the “here and now”, the temporal; but the power that raised Christ from the grave is ours, and it guarantees those that are saved that they will be with the Lord forever. Think about that for a moment: the power that raised Christ from the dead.. is yours. I don’t just mean the power to resist eating that extra Cadbury egg (trademarked), the power to avoid saying that short word to your spouse, or the power to deal with a child that is emotional at the moment, or even the power to overcome every sin on this earth; I mean, the awesome, heavenly power that brought our Lord back from the dead. (Romans 8:11, 1 Peter 1:3-7, Ephesians 1:17-21)

In this Easter season, let’s focus on the power that is ours in the Lord; on the eternal rather than the temporal, and let’s remember to take joy in the journey and to share that joy with others!