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A Cheer That Sounded Through the Heavens..

Apr 12th, 2009 Posted in Faith, Random | no comment »

I have never linked to a video on this blog, and with good reason; there are precious few things that I will subject myself to, and fewer yet that I will push upon others. This video, however, captures – in some small human way – a universal truth that we all were reminded of today, Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. Click twice on the video (embedding is disabled), watch it, and then click through – below – to read more, if you’re interested…

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Intersections Between Our Lives and God’s Intent

Sep 13th, 2007 Posted in Men's Ministry, Random | no comment »

Forgive me as I know in advance that this post – by its very length – will defend itself against the remote possibility that it will be read.

I had an incredibly interesting experience at Bible Study this morning and would like to share. If you feel led to comment, I’d be overjoyed to hear your thoughts!

Our Men’s Ministry holds several Bible studies and two of those are on Thursday morning. I have been leading the one that meets “every” Thursday at 6am. These are most often book-of-the-bible studies, but the current study is a topical study currently covering “theology proper”, the study of God. We are in a section about the “less communicable” attributes of God (He is eternal, independent, etc). We have 3-6 men each Thursday morning that are regular attenders. We are an EV Free church that is incredibly biblically focused (edification) and Spirit-led (without being “charismatic”). Read the rest of this entry »

Inaugural Post

Sep 11th, 2007 Posted in Random | one comment »

Well, I’ve resisted it this long, and I suppose that’s laudable in some strange parallel universe. This will be a running journal of those thoughts that I choose to share with others, and sadly for you – the reader – I choose to share a lot. If you will read and comment on my posts, this can become far less about me and more about our discussion of a topic (a far better use of our time in my opinion).