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Charter Communications vs The Teacher

Nov 15th, 2010 Posted in Faith, Men's Ministry, Technology | no comment »

charter logo and teacher in a classroomNo, this is not the retelling of a tale of unmet expectations from the cable company (that serves us locally) from the perspective of a local educator; there are┬áplenty of stories of woe in this regard, and I’ll not be adding to them today. In this piece I am looking specifically at the recent tag-line chosen by Charter Communications intended to entice us into taking all data services from their company; namely, “Let It All In”. I’d like to look at this tagline as juxtaposed against Scripture, so that we can see how far away from an eternal God our media-hungry culture has become.

First let me say that I understand that their tagline does not imply an ‘across the board’ use of everything that comes into the home, but it does imply that we should deny ourselves nothing and pour everything into our homes that our hearts might desire. Think of all the knowledge you might have if you ‘let it all in’ and think of how much you’ll be entertained as well! Read the rest of this entry »

Time, Space, and the Study of God

Sep 14th, 2007 Posted in Technology, Theology | no comment »

If we agree that theology (the study of God) takes place best in community with believers, then we should build community and live in it. In today’s world, that’s not just people in our local church, but those that take their faith in Jesus Christ all over the world.Matrix 1After accepting the above, let us chart the methods whereby we build community (and study theology) along two dimensions, time and space. This gives us a simple little Boston Matrix that has time (same and different) on the vertical axis and space (same and different) on the horizontal.

Investigating each, we see that same time / same place is met by face-to-face Bible study, different time / same place is met by a library or similar physical repository of sermons and knowledge, and different time / different place is met by blogs, discussion boards, and email. Read the rest of this entry »