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Not the Royal Wedding..

Apr 29th, 2011 Posted in Christology, Faith, Family, Soteriology, Uncategorized, Wife | no comment »

Though I am loathe to admit it, my daughter rose from bed at 04:00 to witness the nuptials of Prince William and one Kathryn Middleton. I am given to understand that approximately 1 billion of her fellow humans did likewise. I appreciate the “romance” of the proceedings, and I understand – at some marginally intellectual level – the ‘draw’ to these events, but frankly, I can’t be bothered. This isn’t because I am not a romantic (I’m not), and it isn’t because I could care less about ‘royalty’ (I can’t). It isn’t even because I can’t stand what qualifies as “newsworthy” any longer (I can’t). So, why can’t I be bothered by this grand event? Simply put, because this isn’t the royal wedding I am waiting for!

What could possibly rise above the event witnessed this morning? What could have more pomp, richer surroundings, and more meaning? Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Not About The Bunny!

Apr 10th, 2009 Posted in Faith, Kids and Parenting, Men's Ministry, Soteriology | no comment »


This message isn’t about whether or not you hide and search for eggs, or enjoy sweet treats on this holiday. Frankly, hiding things, searching for things, finding things, and tasting something sweet are all enjoyable things to do. My question is, “What are we focused on as we perform our activities on a daily basis, not only at Easter, but year round”?

Are you hiding something? From others, from God? What in our lives should we be bringing into the Light of Day, to be given to God and forsaken and forgiven? What should we be freed from that has a hold on us?

Are you searching for something that you haven’t yet found? Perhaps you attend a church, but you don’t yet feel like a member of the body of Christ? Perhaps you have walked with the Lord for many years, but you are struggling right now under the weight of this world and its attacks? Perhaps you are looking for a friend or companion to help and encourage you.

Have you found what you are looking for? Do you know that you have it, and that it will never leave? Are you assured that you have it, secure in that knowledge, and growing every day into His image?

If you are secure, walking in the Lord, growing with Him every day… are you taking JOY in the journey? Is there a song in your heart and on your lips? Can others not help but see the joy of the Lord shining through your eyes and in your life?

Too many times we are overtaken by the “here and now”, the temporal; but the power that raised Christ from the grave is ours, and it guarantees those that are saved that they will be with the Lord forever. Think about that for a moment: the power that raised Christ from the dead.. is yours. I don’t just mean the power to resist eating that extra Cadbury egg (trademarked), the power to avoid saying that short word to your spouse, or the power to deal with a child that is emotional at the moment, or even the power to overcome every sin on this earth; I mean, the awesome, heavenly power that brought our Lord back from the dead. (Romans 8:11, 1 Peter 1:3-7, Ephesians 1:17-21)

In this Easter season, let’s focus on the power that is ours in the Lord; on the eternal rather than the temporal, and let’s remember to take joy in the journey and to share that joy with others!

Jesus: Lord or Savior?

Sep 20th, 2007 Posted in Crisis Pregnancy, Pneumatology, Prayer, Soteriology | no comment »

Folks, when I decided to attend the CareNet annual conference in Louisville, KY this year, I thought that I would learn a lot about what a Board Member at a Crisis Pregnancy Center should do. I thought I may – perhaps – even intersect with people of faith and encounter reflections of our Lord here and there, but I certainly would learn how to do more things for the Kingdom here on earth. What I didn’t know God had in store were deep lessons about what He wants me to be for Him. Read the rest of this entry »