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I am Caleb Holt

Nov 11th, 2008 Posted in Faith, pr0n, Wife | no comment »


Not often does a movie come along that I enjoy. Rarer still, a movie that I respect. Still harder to find, a movie that I enjoy, respect, and that I am emotionally caught up in and learn something from. Fireproof is one of these rare movies. In fact, it may stand alone in its own category.

This movie tells a story about a man – Caleb Holt – whose marriage is now coming on hard times. It’s coming onto hard times because neither he nor his wife have learned how to love unselfishly. Their reaction is to end the marriage, rather than fight for it. The main character’s father steps in and asks his son to go on a 40-day “love dare” journey, treating his wife the way a wife should be treated, regardless her ‘worthiness’ to accept that love and care. The journey takes some tough twists and turns, and the results are – to him – unexpected and will change his life forever.

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Pornography: No Big Deal?

Sep 26th, 2007 Posted in pr0n | no comment »

Many people argue against pornography from a societal standpoint; that is, “Porn is ripping apart the moral fabric of our country and we are fixated to an unhealthy degree on it… to the tune of 57 billion dollars a year”.

I’d like to talk about the issues associated with porn from a different, individual, perspective for a moment. What does it do to people? How does it fit into God’s plan for our lives? Read the rest of this entry »