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Jesus was a Socialist

Oct 13th, 2008 Posted in Liberty, Politics | no comment »

Hammer and SickleWith a socialist potentially being elected to the most powerful post in this nation, there has been an outcry from those involved in modern independence movements (among whom I might count myself), and there have also been some ridiculous statements made by those with socialist agendas (like the title of this post). Because of the fear associated with this change and the misunderstanding – on the part of quite a few – of the nature of God, what He desires, and how that relates to us, I thought to write this post.

You see, everything that happens here, either happens because God wants it to, or God allows it to happen and then uses it for His good. Just because we can’t seem to figure out how it could be “good for us” doesn’t mean it isn’t. God is frightfully wise compared to us.

Instead of looking at the death to which we are bound here, and then trying to draw some conclusions about what God might be like and what He might want, we must shed our view of this ‘reality’, realize that we are only strangers here, and read Scripture to get a view of what God desires and what God wants; regardless our condition here. Looking at what’s around us and drawing conclusions about God is much like a deep-sea dwelling creature believing that the entire world is covered with water, because his local area is. That creature’s view is understandably narrow, and so is ours. God has a frame of reference that is eternal and complete, and He’s given us a view into it through His word. Let’s investigate what God says about how to live and how to govern…

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