This blog is intended to be – primarily – about what it means to be a Christian man in today’s world, about discipleship and ministry second, and finally about general issues.



Since this blog is written – so far – by one person, I thought should give you some information about who I am so that you will have some background and perspective before reading my thoughts.

I am a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ first, a father to my children, an eldest son to my parents, and a V.P. of I.T. at a large multi-channel retailer.

I was raised in a Christian sect with a traditional worship style by godly parents. My parents were strict and well-intentioned. Our upbringing was health-focused and focused on the “do” aspects of our particular religion, rather than the “be” of the gospel. I was saved (and baptized) at a young age and by the time I was a young teen, worldly “reason” had taken hold and I spent at least 15 years using “knowledge and reason” as a substitute for a relationship with Christ. My God was a plan, not a Person.

Through significant trial, God brought me back into a right relationship with Him and a knowledge of the person of Christ, and that has changed my life. I now live as a stranger here, secure in the knowledge that I am here but for a time; but also in the knowledge that I am to hold fast in obedience to Christ and perform kingdom work here on earth while I am given to do so.

“I ain’t what I oughta be, and I ain’t what I’m gonna be, but praise the Lord, I ain’t who I used ta’ be”! -a slave’s prayer

Proverbs 27:17, Ecclesiastes 9:11, Philippians 3:7-8

– – – – –

I have three children, two girls that are 22 and 19, and a son, 17. We live in NorthCentral Wisconsin, NW of Wausau. We live on a “hobby farm” of 35 acres and have had ducks, rabbits, horses, guinea hens and so on. We heat our 130-year old farmhouse with wood, and field-crop or graze our land. We have a garden that varies in size by year and what’s going on in our lives “right then”. I enjoy riding my Harley, ministering to others, and having our house as “the gathering place” for our kids friends and mine as well.

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