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Pic of a soldier hugging his boy

If you post a blog entry after being prompted to do so by a Youtube video that was posted on Facebook and Tweeted to you, does the very fabric of the universe tear? I hope not, because that’s what is happening in this post!

A Youtube video was posted that showed a compilation of soldiers ‘arriving home’. In each case, the child, spouse, or family member didn’t know the appointment was coming and was pleasantly surprised. I have posted links to videos of this ‘genre’ below. If you have a few minutes, I’d like you to watch them (the first one for sure), dry your tears, and read on.

Soldiers Coming Home – Compilation Part 1

Soldiers Coming Home – Part 2

Soldiers Coming Home – Part3

I’d like to draw out a few things that we all notice as we watch these videos of touching moments in people’s lives and then provide some thoughts about parallels we could also experience.

There are several common threads in these videos. First, each of these relationships had been forced to be “remote” or “long-distance” for some period of time. Second, each of these relationships had some level of “life” when the soldier returned from deployment. Finally, every person was overjoyed to see that individual “in person” in a real way.

I would guess that you also noticed several different responses to the returning soldier. I’d like to suggest that the different responses were not due – as much – to personality differences in each family member being surprised, but much more to do with the previously existing relationship, its length, and its health. Suffer me a moment…

You saw a couple of very young children greeted by soldiers in units that had been deployed on extended engagements, or by soldiers in the Special Forces (high operational tempo, gone a long time). These kids knew who Daddy was, and were happy to see him, but were bewildered by the surroundings, the entire emotional experience, and the overload due to “the moment”. These kids looked to Mom or siblings to understand how to experience the moment. They were awed by the presence of Dad, knew that this was a powerful moment, saw the impact on others, but didn’t have the relationship in place to fully process what was going on.

Most of the kids, wives, husbands, and family members that were greeted responded in a very different way. Even the older girl in Technology Class! For those that knew something was happening, there was anticipation and general eagerness. Then, a moment of sheer disbelief.. “is he really here.. can I trust my senses”? This was followed by an instant abandonment of self and a complete disregard for surroundings, environment, everything for the moment experienced between the soldier and the family member. This is pure JOY, and you can see it in their faces.

I’d like to suggest that these moments are what God meant when he wrote “Abba, Father” through His apostle Paul. For those new Christians that don’t quite know how to experience “God moments” in their lives, they need fellowship with Christians who have a longer and deeper relationship with Christ. They need to lean on others to see how to connect and how to have true joy. They must learn to rejoice in His presence. For those that know Christ, and keep a “long-distance” relationship going, they must continue to “remain in Him” by having an “Abba, Father” moment every morning, and each time trial comes in their lives.

When Christ stands at the door and knocks, He isn’t looking for you to shuffle to the door while you are texting to your friends, open the door, mutter, “Come on in.. make yourself at home”, and shuffle back to your sofa.. texting all the while. He wants us to throw the door open and run to Him, jumping into His arms, yelling “ABBA, FATHER”.. Daddy’s Home!

Viewing God as “Daddy” is heart change required, and gives the emotional and spiritual dimensions to our relationship with Christ, but it doesn’t speak to the power aspect. Here’s what I mean; in order to set ourselves aside, we must take our joy in Him. If we are focused on self, our desires in the flesh, our will, gratifying self.. we cannot have real joy. Real joy only comes from reaching up to Him and saying, “Daddy!”, and that joy is the only thing that can take our minds away from what others think of us, what others are saying about us, and it’s the only thing that can erase our temporal desires, replacing the thoughts of earth with thoughts of heaven and our Dad.

Christian, with these video moments in mind, reach up to our God and say, “Daddy!”, right now. Rejoice in Him, let this world fall away, and He will give you the desires of your heart. He loves you, and desires to do that actively, in relationship with you. An Almighty God.. and He wants to actively love us. “Daddy” indeed!

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