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It is customary around this time of year for us as human beings to review the year we’ve had, celebrate what “went well” and what we could improve on. Often, the growth opportunity is bound up in a construct called a “New Year’s Resolution”. On an internet forum that I frequent, a certain woman of faith was discussing her New Year’s resolutions and her distaste of her self, her motivations, and her ‘faith-standing’ as a result. She said,

“I keep thinking of the Scripture where Jesus said, ‘Come, Follow me’ and the disciples just dropped everything, right then, right there.. and followed. No 12 step program, no ‘easing’ into it.. they just dropped everything, and followed.. they were wrapped in just as much flesh as me…..yet they dropped everything to follow Him”.

And so they did.. but their walk was not consistent thereafter, and they went through the same growing pains we do as Christ-followers today. My response to her follows.. Read the rest of this entry »