Seeing Things Dad’s Way

Pic of boy with his arm in a slingA recent mishap resulted in my son appearing as he does in the picture to the right of this text. After this accident, he began to see a few things the way that I had seen them prior, and related them to him as a warning. Simple things (from my perspective) about mu sub k, mu sub s, rotational inertia, velocity, and the requirement to wear protective gear. How did my son learn his lesson? Well, he got hurt. Though he broke nothing, his wrist is severely sprained and he may have tendon damage in his hand. He says that he sees things my way now, but time will tell.

pic of Polaris Sportsman ATVYou see, I cautioned the young man to be careful about where he rode that four-wheeler, how fast to ride it, and how fast to turn it, because those wheels don’t always spin out. Sometimes they hold! When they do, you can roll or high-side the vehicle, and either one will result in you getting dumped; hard. In addition, I told him always to wear gloves and a helmet, along with long pants. When he hit the top of the drive, going WAY too fast, he tried to slide a corner, the wheel grabbed, and it flipped him; hard. No protective gear resulted in some bumps and bruises, and I may now have his attention (I certainly have his 4-wheeler and he’ll not have access to that for some time).

So, what does it take for you to see things God’s way? We will all see things His way in the end (Isa 45:23, Eze 7:17, Rom 14:11, Phil 2:10), but I think that rather than begging the rocks to fall on us, I think it is a far better thing that we find God’s will and live in it now, rather than become after-the-fact converts. The joyful thing – for me – is that God draws those to Himself that will be with Him in the end. Remember however the ways in which the Lord humbles us. Much like my son, He is willing to cause us whatever discomfort is needed in order to bring us to a clear and complete realization of who He is, and what He has done for us. Read this next line, pause, then read it again and commit it to memory. God does not – necessarily – want you to be happy; He wants you to be saved. Got that? We can have a discussion about taking our ‘joy in the Lord’ and living life ‘to the full’ as outlined in the Gospels, juxtaposed against this statement of mine; but suffice it to say that Christ’s main purpose through His death was not to make us happy, but to provide us a path to the Father that prior to His sacrifice did not exist.

I told my son where not to ride that 4-wheeler. The Scripture makes it clear that we should not go places where temptation exists. If you are prone to over-drinking, don’t go into a bar. If you are addicted to porn, don’t have internet access that is unmonitored with no accountability partner. Do you purposefully go places where you know you have a personal weakness?

I told my son not to speed or to turn quickly because the vehicle would not perform the same way under those conditions. Do you have a consistent walk with God that grows every day, or are you erratic, leaving the door open for Satan to tempt you? Do always have more “month than money”, leaving one of the most powerful temptations a free pass to get in? Do you ‘stalk’ the person you are personally convinced should ‘be with you’, even though they aren’t interested? Do you fail to wait upon the Lord and forever insist on forcing things in “your time”, rather than accepting that the Lord has an eternal view? When we design an erratic life, or try to push things faster than God intends, we do not behave the same way and we leave doors open for the evil one.

Scripture outlines the precautions we should take (Ephesians 6:11-18), while putting on the armor for the fight. My son thought he was just going out to have fun and didn’t armor up. Why? Because he only intended to have a little fun and didn’t think he was going to do anything to warrant an accident. I have news for you; they call it an accident because you don’t see it coming! Do you bathe your family in prayer every day? Do you “armor up” in the Word and prayer before going off to slay dragons at work?

If we humble ourselves, breaking ourselves on The Rock every day, God won’t have to use this existence and circumstances to do it. God loves us, and He will do what it takes to save us, even if that means we become wholly broken and miserable (for a time) here on earth. My intent for my son is that he live long, and well, and to be a powerful force for his Lord, and the Father’s goal for you and for me is the same. He desires that we glorify Him and live with Him forever.

I challenge you to break yourself today, and to seek His will, living in it; rather than being dragged there in a broken heap. You’re going there anyhow, do it in style, serving your Lord!

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