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Dad and childMy parents married in the mid/late 1950’s, and by the mid 1960’s were ready to have children. For several reasons they decided not to bear children, but to adopt them. They applied through an adoption agency, and they began their wait. In 1968, in the first week of October, my parents received a call that a baby boy had been born and placed into the system. He was sick, but would be ready to take home in a matter of days. In the third week of October, my parents picked up that boy and brought him home; yours truly. I was still sick, weighing in at only 4 lbs 11 oz, (I’ve made up for it since then). I grew up, not speaking a word until age 3, and not even a short sentence until age 5, (I’ve also made up for that since then). Read the rest of this entry »