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hd-wausauWell, this weekend saw some Harley riding; finally! The weather here in WI has been difficult, it’s been a cold spring. The cold gave way to a decent weather weekend however, and we got a couple rides in. Click in and read about it…

The two younger kids are in California with their grandparents, and on Saturday, Justina had an all-day scrapbooking event in Minocqua. Kassie and I decided to go on a little ride together and went out Evergreen, past Chico’s to Eau Clarie Dells. We had some soft-serve, walked a bit, looked at some of God’s awesome nature, pushed Kassie on the park swings, came back through town, picked up cat food, and had a late lunch at Taco Bell. We followed this with some yardwork (mowing) and when Justina got home we grilled steaks. 60 miles of riding and some quality time with my eldest. It was a good day!

Sunday came and we went to church, me on the bike, Kassie and Justina in the Cherokee. I stopped by a friend’s house and fed his chickens, hit a small patch of rain, and made it to church on time. After church, Justina and I hopped on the bike and waved goodbye to Kassie who was headed for an empty house.. just Kassie and the dog for a day of alone time. Justina and I rode with a couple of friends to the local Harley dealership in time for the start of their first annual ‘dealer ride’. I’ve included our route below.

Justina and I ride well together, and we learn something new every time we ride. This time out we learned that she still gets antsy near the paint, and that popping her gum in my ear when we’re riding is distracting. I learned that stopping distances are greater with a passenger (I knew that but had it proven to me) and that this distance increases appreciably with water on the roadway. On that note; we traveled through a few impressive rain squalls. Hard rain at 60mph on a sunburned head feels like hail!

We had a successful ride, maybe 165 miles, had a great time, good fellowship (thanks Mike and Mitch!), and even got some coffee in! In fact, it was such a great time that I think I’ll ride home early this evening and take Justina on another ride.
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