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Why Are There So Many School Shootings?

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I responded to this question on another forum today and thought that I would post my answer here. In short, I ask, “Why are there so FEW school shootings”? Read the rest of this entry »

Separation of Church and State II

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When the first Congress opened, it opened with prayer as Franklin had suggested. In fact, the prayer lasted for three hours. Silas Dean wrote home and stated that it was a prayer worth riding 100 miles to hear (a week’s ride). When the prayer was complete, a Bible study on Psalms 35 and Psalms 37 was conducted. Patrick Henry and George Washington were said not to have left their knees for the entire first day of that session.

In 1962, SCOTUS heard Engel v. Vitale and ruled that a simple voluntary prayer could not be a part of a student’s day. So, should I yet believe the Supreme Court of the United States in 1962 when they tell me that the Fathers didn’t want prayer in governmental institutions? Or should I believe the words of the Founding Fathers themselves? Read the rest of this entry »

Separation of Church and State 1

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Washington in PrayerFor the period of history before our nation came into being, people believed that rights and freedom came from God, but that they then flowed to a king, and that the king gave these rights to the people as he saw fit. Our Founding Fathers turned this system on his head when they proposed to start a government that recognized that freedom and rights were given by God to everyone, and that people then apportioned these rights back to the government as they saw fit.

In this nation today, we hear a great deal about a “separation of church and state”. When I ask people where that appears in our founding documents, most people hem and haw and the bolder ones cite “the 1st Amendment”. But neither the word “state” nor the word “separation” are in that Amendment. When I give this reasoning, the answer I get is, “But that’s what they meant“. Isn’t it? How do we know that?

The question – though some still have it – is not whether or not the Founding Fathers were predominantly Christian in their outlook (they were), the question is, “What did they intend when penning the Constitution?” Read the rest of this entry »

Future Dystopia, Our Church in 2028

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  • 4% of men ages 16-24 in America attend church regularly.A Life of Significance
  • 2/3 of the people in church on Sunday are women
  • Women are 50% more likely to be actively serving in church and 58% more likely to open their Bible during the week than men
  • At the present rate of decline, the church in America will be virtually devoid of men in 2028

Since the Industrial Revolution, the involvement of men in the church has declined in a cyclical pattern, but with a steady pace. What will a church with no men look like? The world gives us some answer today, in that more and more children are being raised without a father in their lives. Did you know that over 28% of children in America today are being raised without a father in the home? Did you know that in the African-American community that this number jumps to 63% ? The impact of this is recognized in our sinful world, but we’ve refused to see the implications for our church. A son who is absent a father between the ages of 14 and 22 has his risk of incarceration increase 5% for every year he lives without a father. Children who live in a home without a father are 32% more likely to smoke, drink, or use illegal drugs than children in a two-parent home. Girls raised without a father present have sex for the first time an average of 1.6 years earlier than girls raised with a father present. It is clear, even in secular society, that father-presence is critical. What about our church? Read the rest of this entry »

God’s Time Isn’t Hours

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Well, I just can’t stay away from a good play on words. In fact, I can’t resist a bad play on words. Have you ever wondered if God is listening to you because He seems not to answer for an incredibly long time? Or, have you prayed in complete faith, but kind of “shake your head” later in wonderment at how long it’s taking God to work? You know He could do this instantly, snap of His divine fingers and all that, but it takes hours, days, years for Him to come ’round to it? Why? Read the rest of this entry »