Merry Christmas

Christmas Pic of KidsIt is early in the morning on Christmas Day here in a snowy Wisconsin. Am I up this early in eager anticipation of what my stocking holds? I don’t think so. I have a cold, my nose is running, my ears hurt, and I can’t sleep. We opened our presents last evening after a Christmas Eve service at our church. The play was very gospel-focused and depicted a family at Christmastime going through some of the normal struggles a family might undergo during a holiday. As they are designed to, the play made me think about our family and the meaning of Christmas.

I pondered our family and the real meaning of Christmas, and I reflected on the last year. We’ve pulled together as a family quite well, and we scaled back Christmas this year. We gave a lot of clothing gifts and other practical things (like favorite snacks and so on). One thing that stands out is that we visited with some friends of ours last month who had sold all of their possessions in order to take a ministry opportunity far away, and then God showed them that this opportunity was not for them. Their kids were going to have a Christmas without gifts, and while Christmas isn’t solely about gifts, young children find it hard to understand why they have nothing under the tree. My wife took the mother of this family to her present closet and split our children’s presents down the middle, giving half to the other family. Our children supported this, even without knowing what was in each package. We also were able to give many new and hand-me-down clothes to the family to help them in the short-term.

So what’s my point? Christmas isn’t about getting… it isn’t even really about giving. Christmas is a time when we give gifts to commemorate the greatest gift of all. God gave His Son.. His only Son, that we might have a path to Him through that gift. God cared about us enough to provide a sacrifice that would get us back to Him, even though it cost Him everything. Our God cared about us enough that He would allow His own Son to be killed to cover our sins so that we would someday see Him face-to-face. Even when we give “big” gifts, we cannot come close to the sacrifice that God has made for us.

Won’t you take time to thank God for His Christmas gift to us right now?

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