Packers / Vikings, 11 Nov 2007

My son and I were given the opportunity to go to the Packers game today! Now, our family has lived in Wisconsin only three years, and we each have a different team that we root for, but my son RJ’s team is the Packers, and has been since he was 1. You can imagine how popular that was when we lived in Chicago!

As we look forward to the ride down with a couple of other guys, and begin to look forward at the matchup between the two teams, we see the parallels between the game and our spiritual walk…

Disclaimer: These parallels have little to do with the personalities and team affinity we each may have. Ignore those aspects please.

The Packers have a wily old veteran who has clearly lost a step in his speed and footwork, and those were slow to begin with. This veteran has a rocket arm however, and a couple of fair receivers. He has played more games, thrown more touchdowns, and had more victories and defeats than possibly anyone else on either side of the ball. The Packers have a strong run defense with an anchor defensive end and good linebackers.

The Vikings have a rookie running back that is full of talent. He has already broken a rushing yardage per game record and has incredible potential.The Vikings however, are even more one-dimensional than the Packers. While the Packers have run the ball a few times this season, no fantasy player would start the Vikings QB unless they were playing in a “point per handoff to the RB” league. The Vikings can only run the ball. Add to this the fact that the Vikings pass defense is porous and ranks near the bottom of the NFL.
This means that the Vikings will run their strength against the strength of the Packers, and that the Packers will be attacking the weakness of the Vikings. Which do you think the devil does? It is true that the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour; and this means he certainly can attack us in our human strength and win. It is also written, “resist the devil and he will flee”, which seems to indicate that we can stand and fight the devil in the strength of the Lord and be victorious, but I’d like to suggest that the devil most often works against us in those things that we are most vulnerable to. That is, Satan takes our natural weaknesses and uses those to manipulate us. He often uses these things to cause us to sin, but he can also use these things to make us feel unworthy and depressed, and in that state, we cannot take joy in and glorify our Lord, and that’s what Satan desires. You see, Satan wants God dead, and since he can’t do anything to God, he comes after his children, those created “in His image”. Satan wants to separate us from God, and it really doesn’t matter to him how he gets that done, as long as he gets it done.

I’d suggest that we take the high ground early. Study, pray, fast, journal, meditate, have an accountability partner; do all the things necessary to train for battle. Then, when confronted on a battleground not of your choosing, or in an area where you are particularly weak, don’t fight, RUN! Avoid fighting on ground where you are at a disadvantage. Put plans in place to avoid those battlegrounds. If you are an alcoholic, don’t go to parties where there will be alcohol. If you are prone to lust, don’t go to witness on a beach in south Florida.

If you don’t know what “spiritual discipline” is, or how to start; drop me a line and I’ll be happy to chat you through my basic knowledge of it or seek out your pastor or priest, and ask him about training, instead of trying.

Oh, and, GO PACK!

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