Go Pack Go!

Well, our first outing to Lambeau Field was a huge success. RJ and I both had a great time at the game, the Packers best the Vikings rather soundly (34-0), and we both really appreciate Dan taking us! (Thanks Dan).RJ Cheering for Packers

Several things struck me about the trip, and I’ll relate just a few here. First, when we found our seats, the fans around us were incredibly nice and everyone talked together, laughing and joking.. very good natured. By the 3rd quarter however, the mood had changed. Now there were braggarts, loud folks – men and women alike – that were throwing curse words around, yelling at the coaches, and generally misbehaving. This was with the Packers winning the game. So,what might make a person act this differently? The answer is simple; a lack of temperance and the ready presence of alcohol. The game is every bit as fun to watch with one beer in you as it is with five. The difference is, with one beer in you, the game might continue to be fun to watch for everyone around you!

The second thing I’ll comment on is a comment RJ made to me when we first arrived; “Dad, are you sure that’s the right field? That doesn’t look anywhere near as big as the one on TV”. Isn’t it that way with many things in our lives? We desire and pant after a thing that we think will make such a HUGE difference to us, and when we finally get it, we find that wanting was so much better a thing than having. We, rather, should stand with Paul who said that he was always comfortable because he had learned to be content in all circumstances (Phil 4:11).

Finally, the Packer began this game “shaky”. Brett Favre was not “on” with most of his early passes and it seemed almost like pure luck that we got a couple of first downs. Once a few series were behind the Pack however, their confidence increased and they established the run and began throwing the long ball. As the game continued in their favor, they picked apart the pass defense of the Vikings and ran the ball right over them in addition (first 100-yd game allowed by the Vikings all season). It’s the same in our spiritual lives. We cannot expect to “throw the long ball” until we have established a relationship and pattern of success in our Christian lives. We cannot expect to see results on one big prayer if we haven’t given God the opportunity to build our confidence and faith in Him by praying again and again about little things, and looking for the answers to those prayers.

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