Trinity – Is It Important?

I was having a discussion about another denomination that claims for itself the moniker “Christian” and I was faced with an argument that sounded a great deal like Arianism (a modern-day version of a very old heresy). Many people state that a belief in Christ is “all that is necessary” for eternal life. Is this true? Must we also know who He is, what He is, and what He wants us to do and why?Is it imperative to believe a certain thing about Christ’s origin to be saved? If Christ is a created being, does this remove His salvific power? If Christ is not God, but only another deified “godlike” being, does this change His ability to save? If Christ and God are both beings made of flesh and blood, does this change their power and ability?

I have opinions on each of these, but none are doctrine and I am willing to stand by few of them in defense of the faith. I will clearly state that my view is orthodox; that is, I believe God the Father, the Son (Christ), and the Holy Spirit to be one God in three parts. I don’t pretend to know how that is possible.

I do not believe that we are “exactly like” God. Genesis states that we are “created in the image” of God, but this does not state that our form is the same, or that our minds work the same way, or whether or not the spirit He breathed into Adam is the part that is “in His image”. It is not reasonable (or necessary) for me to assume that God is flesh and blood, and there is no Scriptural reference to back that assertion. Indeed, there is evidence to the contrary (Exodus 13:21 with the pillar of fire, the last part of Exodus 19 doesn’t sound like a man of flesh and blood being described, Revelation does not talk about a man of flesh and blood but a being with glowing robes in midair, and so on)

Whether or not Christ loses His power to save if He is a “created being” is not a concept I’ve often interacted with mentally, and the reason is simple; I’ve always thought it a foregone conclusion (and obvious) that He has always been. Why? Because if Christ were created, than Lucifer has a legitimate “beef” for not being in spot number one! Lucifer wanted to be like Christ, and God threw him out of heaven for it. If Christ were created (and so was Lucifer), they were “equal” and should have both been “considered for the son position”. Indeed, since Satan tempted Eve in the garden, this great controversy must have taken place “before time began”, for those that assert that Christ existed before time but deny that He was “always” there.

Here’s the deal… I don’t know what God looks like, in fact, until I have completed my adoption (have a perfect body) I don’t WANT to look at Him because I’d look like overdone toast. The fact that we were created in God’s image should give us a sense of identity, but we shouldn’t go beyond that and assign all kinds of weird little specifics to that action. We are thus recreating God in OUR image, and I think that when we meet Him that our picture of God will be a bare and pale representation of His ultimate glory and being.

What do YOU think?

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