Jesus: Lord or Savior?

Folks, when I decided to attend the CareNet annual conference in Louisville, KY this year, I thought that I would learn a lot about what a Board Member at a Crisis Pregnancy Center should do. I thought I may – perhaps – even intersect with people of faith and encounter reflections of our Lord here and there, but I certainly would learn how to do more things for the Kingdom here on earth. What I didn’t know God had in store were deep lessons about what He wants me to be for Him.

In the Army we talk about “Be” and “Do”. that is, what character traits should a warrior have and develop, and then how should those affect their actions? We see the same thing in our Christian walk. As we come into contact with the Savior, we see His love, his mercy, and His grace that saves us and we feel the love He has for us, being better able then to pass that on to others. As we study our Lord, we see what He demands of His followers and how we are to communicate with Him to become closer in relationship and “being” to Him.

Why then are we always so focused on one or the other? In this case, I was focused on being a “good Board Member” for Hope Pregnancy Resource Center. I wanted to pray – even setting myself aside a little – and worship for a spell, but then I wanted to set that all aside and “get some work done”.

This conference has made clear to me that “BEing” prefaces “DOing”. I mean, that since we do not pray our will to be done in heaven, but God’s will to be done on earth, we must discern what His will is and we cannot do that unless we know Him. In order to know Him, we must spend time with Him. More than this, we must spend time with Him together, in community with others of faith. God has told us that He will be with us in community… do you understand what that means? I know now that God means that we can understand His heart if we seek Him together, setting ourselves aside, gathering together in agreement to seek His heart in a matter. Once the Spirit of an Almighty God descends on us and gives us each a part of His truth, we can fellowship one with the other and piece together a fuller view of what He desires for our ministry.

Rather than praying a short prayer after a 5 minute devotion, we need to worship our Lord, praising Him and thanking Him together for His work with us. After this, we can pray His answers back to Him in a corporate setting, piecing His will for us together, in community with Christ at the center of that effort. With that level of intersection with the power of an Almighty God, we cannot help but be more effective and on fire for His work.

It is time to put the Lord back on the throne of our lives and back onto the throne of our various ministries. In Psalms 46:10 God says to , “.. be still and know I am God”. We need to set ourselves aside, be transparent one with the other, and connect with Christ as our Lord and Savior.

I praise Him and thank Him for the opportunity to be at a conference with so many faith-filled people in daily contact with a Living God.

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